About Alicante Office

Located in Alicante City Marina (opposite the Regatta Club)  Alicante Office was founded in 2000 to assist individuals, families and small to medium sized businesses across the world re-locate and resolve various paperwork issues.  We offer the following services :-


Importation and re-registration of vehicles onto Spanish plates.

Click here to receive a no obligation quote to re-register your vehicle.


Property Finder Service – Planning to buy or sell a residential or commercial property in or near Alicante City?

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Personal & Business Paperwork – Spanish bureaucracy can be very complicated and time consuming.

Click here and let us resolve your paperwork problems –  from helping you set up business in Alicante to dealing with import and export issues.


Legal advice – over the years we have built up an impressive network of professional and trustworthy lawyers in the Alicante area.

Click here if you need legal advice and a same day answer guaranteed.


For any general enquiries you have with paperwork issues in Spain please click here and we will be in touch shortly.