Buying Second Hand Cars in Spain

When buying a second hand car in Spain from a private seller,   Alicante Office can assist you with the ownership transfer process.  We are able to transfer ownership in any area of Spain.   The following documents are required to successfully change the ownership of a spanish vehicle.

buy sell car in spain

Documents required

1. Purchase agreement or contract between buyer and seller.  This must state both buyer and sellers name, the make and model of the car (and registration number), the total price paid (in Euros),  date and signed by both parties.  This document must be written in Spanish.   We provide this contract.

2. Photocopied identification of the buyer and seller. (Passport or NIE)

3. The following form ( Solicitud de Cambio de Titularidad) supplied by Traffico to be filled in.   This form can be downloaded and printed by clicking here   Alternatively please contact us by clicking here and we can send you the form via e-mail and help you to fill it in, if necessary.

4.  “Tarjeta ITV” (ITV technical card of vehicle- A5 green card)   Please click here to see an image of the document.

5.  “Permiso de Circulación” (Driving permit)  Please click here to see an image of the document.

6.  Last road tax bill for the vehicle paid, issued by SUMA or your local tax office.

7.  620 form which needs to be filled in and can be obtained from the local tax office.

Costs involved in ownership transfer of a Spanish car

Transfer tax – calculated at 4%  of the vehicle value as stated on the purchase agreement/contract between buyer and seller.

Traffico (Traffic Department)  administration fee:  51€

If you require assistance in transferring a Spanish vehicle into your name please click here.