Spanish Vehicle Registration Check

Are you thinking of buying a second hand car on Spanish registered plates ?


If you are considering buying spanish registered cars we advise  before paying any deposit or signing any form of agreement or contract you obtain an “informe de historial de vehiculo en Trafico DGT” – a Spanish vehicle registration check from the Traffic department to verify and identify :-

  1. If there are any outstanding debts or embargos on the vehicle
  2. How many previous owners there have been
  3. If there has been any serious accident with the vehicle
  4. Full details of the technical characteristics of the vehicle (make, model, type, chassis number, Engine (Petrol, diesel, electric), number of seats, cylinders and homologation code)

A Spanish vehicle registration checks every type of vehicle within the Traffic department´s database except for vehicles that have the old provincial format with only 5 or 6 numbers without letters.  Whether a Car Check, Van Check, Motorbike Check, Lorry check or any other type of Spanish vehicle check, we can search out any recorded detail on it by the registration number.  Always ask the seller for the registration number prior to viewing the vehicle and verify the identity!

Please click here if you require us to carry out a Spanish vehicle registration check on your behalf.