How to deregister your car in Spain

If you are leaving Spain for the UK or another country  you will  need to deregister your car from the Spanish system or you will continue to get charged road tax by the local town hall.

The following paperwork is needed to de-register a car in Spain:-

1. Copy of a current DNI or passport and NIE (Foreign identification number).
2. ITV A5 green Technical card Technical specifications
3. Vehicle road licence/Driving Permit (Permiso de circulación)

4. This form will need to be filled in.    We will fill this in for you if you hire our services.

**  Please note when deregistering a car or any type of vehicle in Spain, the traffic department will require additional documentation to prove the reason why you have requested to deregister it.  For example, if your car was stolen (a police report is required)  or if you are scrapping your car here in Spain,  a specific certificate from a scrapyard is required.

For further information on how we can help you to deregister a car in Spain please contact us by clicking here.