Import Car To Spain

The below article is to give you some idea of the approximate cost to import a car to Spain from Germany (a car dealer or private seller) to Spain.

Travel expenses to import a car to Spain: Including plane ticket, hotel in the city you are purchasing the vehicle, food etc. Total approximately 300 €

Administrative costs in Germany to import a car to Spain: – Including provisional plates and temporary insurance, wihtout these you will not be able to drive from Germany to Spain. Approximately 110€

Return trip :- Petrol and Toll fees. Approximately 200-250 euros.

To import a car to Spain there are numerous administrative fees to be paid in the province you decide to register your car. These include “Registration tax, Road tax, Traffic administration fees, ITV (MOT) test, agent fees, Engineer report and Number plates. To give an example the cost to re-register a BMW 116 d Sport 5p (F20) (2011) would be approximately 1,500 €

The main advantages to import a car to Spain from another country such as Germany are the savings you can make and the satisfaction that the car has been serviced by a German dealer rather than a Spanish one. If you would like further information on how we can help you to import a car to Spain please do not hesitate to contact us or click here for quote if you a specific car you are considering to buy or have bought.