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Registering a brand new car in Spain

Registering a Brand new car in Spain onto Spanish plates is a very similar process to re-registering a second hand car in Spain. The only difference is that Trafico (traffic department) will require a professional translation of the sales invoice which states tax has already been paid in it´s original country. If tax has not been paid then a 21% tax will be charged when re-registering the new car here in Spain. We work with a professional translation Company based in Alicante that translate official  documents from most languages to Spanish. For further information and a detailled quote please click …

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Car insurance when re-registering my car, motorcycle or motorhome onto Spanish plates

Most Insurance companies will insure a non-Spanish plated vehicle for up to 183 days a year. Spanish insurance companies will only insure a vehicle in Spain once the process of vehicle  re-registration has been complete and we can then send a them copy of the permiso de circulación (Spanish Driving permit)  This is normally obtained 4-5 days after all the paperwork has been submitted to local trafico (Traffic Department) We recommend Rightmove Insurance,  located in Alicante to all our clients.  They are able to insure vehicles in all Provinces of Spain.  For further information on insuring a car in Spain …

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Registering a foreign plated car in Spain

Registering a Foreign Plated Car in Spain There are a number of different reasons to import a vehicle into Spain, for example, that the price is cheaper tan buying a second hand car in Spain or that you are driving the car over from your origin country and need to re-register it within your local Province.  We are at Alicante Office can you re-register your car within any Province of Spain (including Andulucia (Malaga, Marbella) – Alicante, Almeria, Murcia, Granada, Albacete, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid)  The road taxes and traffic costs may vary slightly within different Provinces but the process is …

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