Long Term Parking Alicante Airport

Need cheap long term parking at Alicante Airport?    AW Alicante Parking will store your car at a secure and safe  parking facility.   Charges are some of the lowest around for long term parking at Alicante Airport.

Below is a list of AW´s long term parking charges at Alicante Airport:



CARS,MPV’s & 4×4

3 months: € 149

4 months: € 159

5 months: € 179

6 months: € 199

1 year: € 300

For a more comprehensive list including daily rates please click here.

  • 3 month contract includes 5 free transfer services
  • 6 month contract includes 10 free transfer services
  • 1 year contract includes 15 free transfer services


What is included within AW´s Long Term Parking at Alicante Airport Charges?

  • Free transfers (drop off & pick up) and assistance with luggage.
  • Free Basic exterior wash.
  • Maximum security for your car.
  • Battery and tyres check.  We also offer a full range of car repairs.  Please contact us for specific requirements.
  • No penalty fees on your bookings cancellations or modifications.


** Please note if your car is on UK or non-Spanish registration plates and you can not prove that the car has been in Spain for less than 6 months the police can impound your car and issue you with a hefty fine. For a free quote to re-register your car here in Alicante or any other area of Spain, please click here