Re-registration of car onto Spanish plates – documents required

The following documentation is required to re-register a vehicle onto Spanish plates:-


1. This form will need to filled in :-

We are able to assist with this.

2. N.I.E  :- A NIE is a tax identification number assigned by the Spanish authorities to any foreigner, whether resident or non-resident, with interests in Spain or who may be contemplating taking certain actions in Spain.   This is very easy to obtain if you do not have one.

3.  Padron :- Every municipality in Spain holds a record of local residents; the Padron. This is held at the town hall (Ayuntamiento). The UK equivalent would be the electoral role. Anybody who owns a property in Spain should register, whether they live here permanently or not. Even if you are renting on a long term basis, you can apply to be registered. However, take note that you can only be registered on one Padron.   For further information on the Padron please click here.   ***  Please note, if for some reason you are unable to obtain a Padron, a copy of your title deeds for your property in Spain or a copy of a rental contract will suffice.

4.  Original car documentation: –  For example in the UK we require the V5

5. Copy of passport


If you have a general enquiry please click here or if you require a no obligation quote to register your car in Spain please click here.