Register a UK car in Spain

Welcome to Alicante Office – if you need help  registering a UK car in Spain then you have come to the right place.   If all paperwork is in order we can re register a car or any vehicle anywhere in Spain between 4-7 working days.  Click here to receive a no-obligation quote within a few hours.

To register a UK car in Spain you will require the following documents:-

1. Original car documentation (V5) in the name of the person wishing to re-register the car in Spain.

2. NIE

3. Padron certificate stating you have registered on the electoral roll at your local town hall – if you do not have this certificate then a copy of your title deeds or rental contract will suffice.


If your car has UK headlights then they will need to configured or replaced with headlights that conform to Spanish/EU road standards.  We are able to source new or second hand lights and arrange fitting if necessary.

Please click here for a no obligation quote  to register a uk car in Spain or here if you have a general enquiry.   For immediate assistance please call +-34 607 375 234   We look forward to hearing from you!