Spanish Number Plates

Alicante Office have been established in Alicante City for more than 11 years and can help you register your vehicle onto spanish number plates.  If all the paperwork is in order we can obtain your new spanish registration number and spanish number plates within 4-7 working days.   Please click here for a free no obligation quote or click here if you have a general enquiry about how to obtain Spanish number plates.

If you are looking to obtain temporary plates whether your car is here in Spain or you are bringing it from abroad the following informatiion will be of some use.

Green Plates when bringing a car from abroad  (Valid for 60 days)

Although these are rarely used these days  as most people re-register their cars as soon as they are in Spain or have adequate insurance cover, if you do require them for one reason or another please click here to contact us and we will help you obtain temporary plates.