ITV (MOT) information

What is an ITV?

An ITV is the roadworthiness test of a motor vehicle in Spain. It is the equivalent of an MOT in the UK.  When importing a non-Spanish car or re-plating a car in Spain your car must pass an ITV test whether or not you have a valid ITV certificate in your country of origin.

Is it advisable to take my car to a local garage to have a PRE-ITV ?

If you are uncertain as to whether or not your car will pass an ITV it is advisable that you take your car to a local garage to have a PRE-ITV check.

The Pre ITV check is a full safety check of your vehicle which includes all the checks that are made in the actual ITV test.

* Tyres for pressure and condition
* Seat Belts
* Condition of Windscreen / wipers / water bottle
* Indicators and Brake Lights and Head Lamps
* Brakes / Hand Brake
* Air Bags
* Electric Windows
* Engine Oil Levels on Diesels
* Wheel Bearings

A pre-itv test normally costs around 25-40 €

If a local garage does find any faults in their pre check, they will provide you with a quotation of any costs for parts and labour before any work is undertaken.  We can recommend a few garages in the Costa Blanca region.  Please click here to contact us for further information.

How much does an ITV cost?

When re-registering a car in Spain the ITV costs are nearly double those for cars that are on Spanish plates.

Petrol driven cars cost around 94 €    Diesel driven cars cost around 108 €  (Prices will vary depending on region/province)

What documents will I need to present at the ITV station?


Padron (or original title deeds of your home in Spain or rental contract)

Original car documentation (V5/UK)


Do I need to reserve a time for an ITV test and how long will I be at the ITV station for?

We can book the test  and accompany you to the ITV station in Alicante.   You will be about an hour at the ITV station.


What happpens if my car fails the ITV?

If your car fails an ITV then you have 14 days to fix the defects.  You then return to the ITV centre and normally they will only check that the defects have been fixed.  If you can get the defects fixed then return to the ITV centre on the same day, normally they will not charge to check the car again.  If this is not possible the ITV centre will charge for a re-test.


How often does my car need a ITV?

Cars up to 4 years = Do not require an ITV test.

4 – 10 years  =   Require a test every 2 years

10 years +   = Require a test every one year

** When a vehicle suffers serious damage structurally or when there has been a significant modification then the car will need to be re-tested.